Stargazing LIVE 2015

As part of the Stargazing Live event Wiltshire Astronomy Society will be at;

20 March, 8am to 11am – Silbury Hill, Wiltshire Partial Solar Eclipse Viewing: A guide for members of the public through this amazing partial solar eclipse.


Stargazing Live starts again next week on the 18th March at 20:00 with an “Eclipse Live” program at 09:00 on the 20th March.

Hosted as usual by Brian Cox and Dara O’briain

The team this year includes Liz Bonnin, Dr Lucie Green, Dallas Campbell.

Highlights include:

Apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin

Updates on Rosetta from Dr Matt Taylor.

Solar Eclipse

The format is again the same with three main “Stargazing Live” programmes starting at 20:00 and the companion “Back to Earth” following at 21:00.

For more information please go BBC Stargazing Live