Pete Glastonbury 15 Q&A

Pete Glastonbury has been a photographer for 25 years his work has has been widely published in a variety of media….

Here are his answers……

If you could go back in time and meet any scientific figure, what period would that be and who would you like to meet most?

PG– The Architect of Stonehenge

WASNET– Yes, then we could clear up what Stonehenge was actually built for!

Do you have a favourite constellation?

PG– Orion

WASNET–  The Hubble telescope which is now celebrating its 25th year has photographed the nebulas in Orion on a number of occasions.

What do you regularly observe?

PG– Milky Way

WASNET– On  a clear night with the Milky Way snaking its way over head does make you realize how beautiful the nights sky is.

What do you specialise in?

PG–  Archaeoastronomy

Who influenced you most to take up astronomy?

PG– Patrick Moore

What advice would you give to a beginner just starting out?

PG– Don’t rush to buy a telescope

WASNET– Great advice, come along to one of our viewing evenings and see what people are using, have a go and get some more advice.

The Drake equation,N = R * fp * ne * fl * fi * fc * L ,  attempts to estimate the number of possible civilizations in our universe, Is there life out there….?

PG– Without a doubt. The idea of life being only on Earth is too far fetched

What is the best part of being an astronomer and the worst?

PG–Best is discovering something new that you were previously unaware of. Worst is icicles on the end of the nose.


If you could visit anywhere in the universe where would that be and why?

PG– Titan for the views of Saturn

What gadget do you find indispensable as an astronomer?

PG– DSLR camera

During the twentieth and twenty-first centuries our understanding of the universe has taken huge leaps forward.  Which discovery do you think had the greatest impact?

PG–  dark matter

We still only know what 5% of the universe is composed of normal matter, What about the other 95%?

PG– cosmic goo

What future discovery are you looking most forward to?

PG– discovering life on a plane/moon in our solar system

What book would you recommend for our WAS members to read on cloudy nights?

PG– Surely your joking Mr Feynman

WASNET–In fact reading any book from Richard Feynman is time well spent.

As a stranded desert island astronomer you are allowed to take three things with you,  what would they be?

PG–1-a huge inflatable telescope, 2- a barrel of Malbec, 3- a book titled “How to make oars out of sand”