WAS in the community

The society is dedicated to popularising astronomy and maintains links with a number of schools. Running observing evenings for students.

There is a regular recorded segment on BBC radio Wiltshire where any questions can be asked and will be used in the show. We are also asked to comment on all upcoming and newsworthy astronomy related happenings as they occur these go out to all regions the around Wiltshire area.

We are happy to give talks to other groups and societies within the region.

Specialist areas:

Aspects of visual astronomy, telescope setups, Solar observing and imaging, astro-photography and satellite observing

Wiltshire Astronomical Society has society access to the Faulkes Telescope network. These two professional telescopes located in Hawaii and Australia give members the opportunity to log on to and access image data and telescopes remotely. Visit the Faulkes Website for more information.