March 2015 Eclipse

Ready for Fridays eclipse……

WAS are meeting at various points around Avebury tomorrow morning for the eclipse and equinox.

We meet at West Kennet Long Barrow from Sunrise (6am) then moving to Silbury Hill from around 8am. Eclipse starts at 8:22:54 then 9:28:28 for peak eclipse about 86% with the Sun a crescent under the moon, horns pointing up, ending at 10:38:16.
Although the current forecast has deteriorated, we can remain hopeful and optimistic (as usual!)

Further updates will be on the WAS Facebook page, or a later email today if there are any substantial changes to plans (unlikely).  Suggested parking is at the Long Barrow layby, Silbury Hill or Avebury Car Parks.

Saturday’s Messier Marathon also looks like being cancelled as the forecast for cloud continues over the weekend.