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Please contact;

Andy Burns

Please contact us for information on the Wiltshire Astronomical Society. Also if you have submissions for the monthly newsletter please send those to Andy Burns via email on;

Andy Burns

Or for any website related questions Martin Page via email on;


9 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hello
    Im’m very interested in joining your Society. Please let me know how I go about joining.
    Kind regards

    AJ Bonner

  2. I’m helping my elderly mother move to smaller premises and we have a telescope that belonged to my dad before his death. I think it’s a fairly good quality piece of equipment and I wondered if anyone in your club , perhaps someone just starting out, would be interested in taking this off our hands.
    You can contact me via my email address or at 0748 1234340

  3. Do you know where I can find eclipse glasses for observing the eclipse on Friday morning. I’m based in Seend for the next few days. Any help or suggestions will be welcome. Thanks

  4. Looking to buy my first telescope. Would appreciate some advice as to which type would be best for regular star/planet gazing

    1. There is a bewildering selection but please come along to our monthly meeting and ask the members there. The best telescope is the one you use.

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